Hunger Ricci academy Hunger Ricci academy

branding and video

date: jan-mar 2020

tasks accomplished:

  • Analysis of the context and the state of the art
  • Creative Direction
  • Rebranding studio
  • New logo design
  • Video concept and storyboard
  • Video editing with PremierePro and AfterEffects

All final outputs have been edited both in 16:9 and 9:16.

…with me on the project: Francesca Marelli (hubmira) – Photographer and Video Operator


Hunger Ricci Academy is a highly renowned private beauty school in Lugano (CH). When we started working together, the academy had recently changed management and was trying to relaunch its own renewed educational offer and, more generally, the image of the school which had suffered a decline in previous years.

The brief concerned the redesign of the logo, the creation of a corporate video for the website, a photo shooting and 40 video pills to be used on social networks. The group that acquired the academy had an internal department that would take care of social media managing.

design solution

Branding: The butterfly was historically the symbol of the school and was associated also to a line of luxury beauty cosmetics created by the founder of the academy. We decided to keep it and work on typography and color palettes with the aim of communicating freshness, elegance, simplicity and refinement.

Photo and video: given the need to reveal the fact that the management of the academy had changed and with it a large part of the teaching staff, we proposed to carry out interviews and beauty tips told in first person by the teachers so as to show themselves to future students.

simona olivo freelance logo design hunger ricci
simona olivo freelance logo design hunger ricci palette font

content for social media:

Below, some of the video pills we realized for social media use. All videos was edited in 16:9, 1:1 and 9:16. 

The 40 videos were split up in 6 macro categories:

  • Beauty TIPS: some tips about beauty and cosmetics
  • Beauty is… to tell the vision of the academy
  • Meet the teacher
  • Hall of fame: stories about students that successfully started a career in beauty after attending Hunger Ricci Academy
  • Courses presentation: one video for each course
  • About the academy: method, mission, training offer, …